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The Importance of Offering Help

Everyone, no matter how talented or experienced they are in their profession, finds themselves stuck in some kind of situation on a regular basis. Your initial impulse may be to manage everything on your own; nevertheless, sometimes there simply is not enough time to think through the problem and design the perfect solution. Everyone in a business relies on a network to fulfill their objectives, whether it is a senior who expects task completion from their team or team members who rely on one another to do their various jobs effectively and precisely. Being inclined to solve an issue on your own may place you in a far more difficult scenario, as you may be left with lost time and no solution to the problem. In such a case, it is essential to turn to your network for assistance from the ideal individual with the necessary abilities to deal with the problem. As a result, everyone in a company must grasp the value of offering help. Ankur Warikoo discusses in this podcast episode on the ‘Woice with Warikoo’ channel, the psychology behind offering help and why it is important to do so.

Ankur begins his discussion by stating that humans are the most dominating species on the earth simply because they have the ability to interact with one another. He adds that there are numerous times during the day when you place your faith in someone you may not even know about, one easy example being getting a cab. As a result, he believes that we should all work together to satisfy each other’s desires. He says that in a company, every individual is offering help by doing their job properly. An organization can only function successfully because of the collaboration of all of its employees. According to him, some aspect of a person delivering assistance is vitally tied to expectations. He says that whenever we help, we do not do so selflessly, but rather with a feeling or expectation in mind. It is critical to help others around you so that you may foster a healthy work culture, allow work to flow easily, and maybe just because sometimes, the work of another person may have an influence on yours. Most of the time, this situation happens when you may seek validation and acknowledgment, and in doing so, you may assist someone, he says. Offering help has obviously unexpected benefits such as building a decent network, increasing productivity, and ensuring a positive environment. He does, however, indicate that individuals might establish a pattern of offering help even when the other person does not seek or ask for it, leaving them feeling violated. He says that this happens because we begin anticipating an acknowledgment and may never receive one. As a result, he concludes that before offering help, ensure that the other person desires it, and if they do not, do not anticipate an acknowledgment.

An organization cannot function without the support of its network. Workers perform successfully when everyone who is depending on someone and everyone who is dependent on someone has a positive bond. Offering help is one of the most important areas of practice; but, is it always necessary? Ankur Warikoo provides a detailed answer in this podcast episode on the ‘Woice with Warikoo’ channel, which is summarized above.

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