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Salary Negotiation in 11 Powerful Tips

For most people, negotiating salary is an uncomfortable task. This article by Forbes can help you to make the uncomfortable salary negotiation comfortable. It covers the best strategies shared by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council for the professionals who are interested in negotiating their wages successfully.

The article recommends that you should do your own research about the market salary for your position. You should be clear on how much your time is worth and be ready to justify the numbers you have set with specifics about your experience before starting the negotiation. As any negotiation goes, you would start with a higher number and then go down. But in this case you need to know the lowest you are willing to go in advance.

The article rightly advises that you take control of the salary negotiation conversation. It is a conversation that will greatly influence your life and career. But you also need to remember that the outcome of this conversation needs to keep both sides happy because it is about more than the money.

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