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Networking Your Way to Business Success

The owner and Co-Founder of three companies HighKey Technology Inc, HighKey Agency Inc, and HighKey Clout Inc, Jordan Lintz understands how profit and exposure are the two most significant things for every entrepreneur.

In this Forbes article he shares his experience about how efficient networking is the key to achieving both with tips that work for him. He begins with creating a personal brand. Practicing credibility, and maintaining consistency in the content you put out everyday is the way to move forward on social media. In fact, your personal brand goes far beyond entertaining or informing your followers. Being an entrepreneur means you have found an area where you can bring value so think about that and more more relationships rather than making a transactional exchange. He also encourages entrepreneurs to take risks and reach out to people on social media.

And finally, he insists on having a good work ethic because that’s what you need to make your dreams work.

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