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Elon Musk’s Key to Business Success

Justin Rowlatt, in his article on BBC, discloses the highlights of an interview with Elon Musk from a few years ago. He points out certain key takeaways that he believes are the chief constituents that have contributed to the phenomenal success of the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

Elon Musk’s key to business success, Rowlatt mentions, is an amalgam of six variegated attitudinal factors that sets him apart from the rest. To begin with, he says that Musk’s business outlook is not consumed by the idea of running after riches. He writes that the entrepreneur, in fact, equates success in business not with the amount of wealth merely garnered but rather, if that wealth is put to proper use for a proper cause. For that, he reveals that it is essential to believe and to engage with one’s passion which, in his case, is to build a better tomorrow. It was, therefore, ultimately Elon’s drive to place a man on Mars and not the pursuit of wealth, that brought about the inception of the world’s most affordable business associated with the launching of rockets, Rowlatt explains.

If we are to indeed decode Musk’s key to business success then, it is essential to take into account the revolutionary nature of his vision, the capability to aspire for colossal objectives that goes into each of his futuristic aspirations; whether it is the expedition of the process of shifting from fossil fuels to better alternatives or even the conception of ensuring that the presence of life is no longer restricted to a single planet. Rowlatt takes a cue from this very same idea to note that success in business, therefore, is intertwined with the ability to take chances and to not shy away from taking risks. He goes on to describe in detail how Musk dealt with an acute financial catastrophe and yet, somehow, managed to not only survive but also, thrive. In the course of the conversation, Rowlatt writes about what he believes emerged as the fifth component of the entrepreneur’s success and that of a business to flourish, in general. It is not to pay heed to the criticisms around and instead, to focus on the goal, at hand. Only self-belief and a deep-seated objective will help a business sail through in the face of opposing tides, he explains.

What must however be the quintessential cause of Musk’s remarkable success, concludes Justin Rowlatt, is the fact that he derives pleasure from all that he is doing and from all that he is involved in. The key to Elon Musk’s success, therefore, is a homogeneous accord of an assortment of these factors that have paved the way for the unparalleled triumph of his business, over the years.

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