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Best Outdoor Lights to Minimize the Human Impact

UCLA and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute conducted research that showed that a certain kind of outdoor artificial light helps minimize the human impact on insects.

The study was conducted in the Amazon basin where the Peruvian government is planning an energy infrastructure project in an area that has never been exposed to artificial light before.

Insects are a crucial part of our ecosystem, and apart from being a part of almost every food chain they also provide essential services like pollination, decomposition, pest control, etc. But even in the most populated place on the planet, insect-wise, human’s artificial lighting can disturb their natural lives.

The study also claims that biting insects and disease transmitting insects are attracted to artificial light making it a threat to the humans in the area. Workers are advised to use LED light that is filtered to be yellow or amber in color. This not only attracts flying insects, which are beneficial to humans and the environment, but also minimize the human impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, blue, violet, and ultraviolet light are extremely harmful as they attract many more dangerous insects and wildlife. Grow in your career by improving your management skills.

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