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Inducting Short-term Leaders Can Generate Lasting Issues

If there is one overarching ability that can benefit individuals in every facet of their lives, it is the ability to influence and thereby garner success, every step of the way. Taking this into account, Mike Cummings, in this article in YaleNews, decodes this very complicated art of exercising influence, taking cues from the viewpoints of behavioral researcher Zoe Chance, as expressed in her celebrated book ‘Influence Is Your Superpower.’

Delving into the benefits of this attribute, the art of exercising influence, as per Zoe, ensures the acknowledgment and implementation of phenomenal ideas that might have otherwise, remained unfulfilled. One of the key steps of exercising influence, therefore, is to arouse the curiosity and the interest of the listener involved, Mark states. Only an investment, on their part, will ensure that they eventually understand the appeal of the idea and agree with the stance involved. Bearing in mind the myriad issues that warrant immediate attention and effort, the art of exercising influence can go a long way in transforming behavior and producing remarkable outcomes.

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