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Remote Work as an Effective Means of Attracting the Workforce

If there is one crucial asset that enterprises across different sectors cannot function without, it is that of the workforce. Taking a cue from the very same idea, Steven J. Davis, Claudia Macaluso, and Sonya Ravindranath Waddell designate remote work as an effective means of attracting the workforce through a study, as demonstrated in this article in Chicago Booth Review.

In order to enunciate the benefits of promoting remote work as an effective means of the workforce, the article draws instances of several large-scale enterprises that have opted for this method to meet their specific requirements, in regard to employees. However, despite recognizing remote work as an effective means of attracting the workforce, the article also takes into account such variables as the availability of technology or pertinent policies that might impact the efficacy and reach of this particular method. While the concept of accommodating a completely novel professional reality such as this is indeed difficult, however, embracing gradual modifications in this direction, will enable organizations to extend their recruitment over wider regions, thereby proving the significance of remote work as an effective means of attracting the workforce.

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