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How Having Mentors Can Boost Your Career

Prof. Marissa King talks about the benefit of having a mentor and how it can help propel your career. In her book Social Chemistry: Decoding the Patterns of Human Connection, she explains how the presence of a professional mentor or senior colleague as a guide can help you progress in your career. Not only can they provide wisdom that would take you years to gain, but they can also advocate for you. Having mentors can boost your career and help you get ahead.

Mentors not only serve as role models for the protégés, but they also develop more complex relationships. Mentors and mentees share a special relationship that is unlike any other professional and sometimes even personal relationship. It is said to be a combination of aspects of friendship, supervisor/employee, and therapist/patient. All of which result in the furthering of their careers and the development of their professional profiles which suggests that mentors can boost your career.

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