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Make Your Resume Stand Out

Make Your Resume Stand Out to Potential Employers

For many who are looking for new opportunities in the job market right now it’s not an easy time. Considering how competitive the job market is in almost every industry it’s immensely important for your CV to be impressive and a true reflection of your professional capabilities.

According to a 2019 Jobbatical article, hiring is expected to become more competitive in the next 12 months for 74% of recruiters. And since the first introduction people have to you is your resume, that’s what you should focus on to make sure it’s what potential employers are consuming about you shows you in good light.

Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out to Potential Employers

Amp up your digital profile

Even when the lock-down was not in effect, your digital profile is what employers will see first. If that gives them a good impression of you, only then will you be considered for an interview. So ensuring that your professional information online is not only up-to-date, but also effective is important. If you do, employers are likely to come to you rather than you having to approach them. Whether LinkedIn or your personal website, or any other platform or job-search engines, make sure all of them have the same information.

Customize your resume

Within the field you are in, make sure you emphasize the skills you have to cater to the requirement from a certain company. While you mention your expertise in the primary functional field, also include the secondary skills you have depending on what the company is looking for. And adjust and tweak that information depending on the job you’re applying for. While you might be fluent in all secondary skills under your primary skill, employers love to hear that you might be more competent in what they are looking for.

Take advantage of using keywords

Use industry keywords that will help filter your resume from the many others in the same category. All job search platforms use keywords to match job postings to the right candidates. So make sure you take advantage of that and use keywords. Even if you’re not using a job search platform, any potential employers will be more receptive to buzzwords that they are looking for as skills in candidates. But be careful not to overuse keywords so that you don’t come across insincere.

Presentation is key

Properly formatting your resume and having it proof checked to make sure it has no errors is of utmost importance. Use a modern and clean font or a classic font, a legible font size, and make sure the formatting and design looks professional with not too many colors. A few professionally accepted colors work very well. You can include some creativity in either the content or the design to show your creativity, but don’t over do it. Also make sure your language is simple and clean and there are absolutely no spelling and grammatical errors and definitely no short forms and texting language.

It’s all in the details

Organize your resume in a logical manner with the most important skills highlighted and sub-point bulleted for convenience. You could even add a headline highlighting the important aspects of your professional skills. Attaching a cover letter to embellish your resume can do wonders. Many organizations don’t even consider a resume without a cover letter, so finding out before you apply is wise. Hyperlinking your resume so that it is convenient for those reading it to check your work and other professional profiles is a good idea too. This increases the chances of them checking your connected profiles and work samples. Keep the information formal as well, which means don’t mention any political leanings or negative comments.

Spending a little time developing your resume is a wise decision. Making sure to incorporate these points will help enforce your resume and help it stand out among many others.


Q. Why is a digital profile important?

A. Even before the lockdown, the digital profile is the one employers will see first. And right now, with the possibility of no face-to-face interviews at all, the digital profile is very important.

Q. How will using keywords help?

A. Employers will be looking for particular keywords for the profile of the employee they want. So the more suitable keywords you use, the better your chances of being noticed in a competitive market.

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