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Why You Need to Use LinkedIn

Networking is one of the most crucial skills and requirements for individuals working in the corporate world. A strong network may help you advance in your career considerably faster than you would imagine. However, it is not obligatory to find individuals to interact with only in the office. Nowadays, social networking sites are one of the most popular ways to communicate with people, and LinkedIn is one of the top platforms.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular websites for career professionals to connect, discuss, and share their accomplishments. People use LinkedIn to find the proper opportunities, for developing and strengthening professional relationships, and for connecting with individuals who can teach them the skills they need to grow in their respective careers. As a result, this Harvard Business Review video provides some useful advice to help you realize the advantages of utilizing LinkedIn for your career.

Why you need to use LinkedIn

According to the video, LinkedIn is a place where you may reach second and third-degree connections and beyond even if you do not have a significant following. Regardless of how tough it appears to be to expand on the platform, the video implies that it is much simpler to achieve momentum on LinkedIn.

In response to the apparent issue of why you should be on LinkedIn anyways, the video proposes that it is a platform for personal branding. You represent the value you can provide to the firm, and it allows you to be discovered and connect with individuals you would not have met otherwise if LinkedIn had not been the source. The most frequent notion about the platform is that people use LinkedIn to find a job or an internship. However, this is heavily contradicted in the video. The video encourages users to think of LinkedIn as a platform with a lot of opportunities to be found without having to go out of their way to locate them.

Following that, the video provides a few ideas for auditing your profile, the first of which is that the photo and title are two of the most important aspects of your profile. According to the video, the images that attract the most people on LinkedIn are those in which you are looking directly at the camera and smiling. The video also recommends reviewing your privacy settings, particularly the display of your profile photo.

Second, the video proposes using powerful keywords in your title, which may include the industry in which you work. It is also recommended that you include your experiences from other locations in your about section. Also, one of the most important things to remember when you use LinkedIn is that the profile is supposed to tell your greatest narrative, not your whole story.

LinkedIn, being an interactive site developed particularly for professionals, is certain to provide you an advantage whenever you are looking for a position or an ideal candidate to take up the job role. The recommendations listed above are some of the greatest ways to use LinkedIn effectively.

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