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Tips to Create an Effective Project Action Plan

Project management is without a doubt one of the most challenging professions. Though flexibility is the most appreciated skill for people in project management roles, they still require a project action plan to determine which path to follow. A project action plan is a document that provides all of the relevant information regarding the action steps that must be taken in order to achieve the project’s goals and objectives. It is essentially a map that indicates how and who accomplishes what precise duties using the specific tools in order to fulfill their responsibilities in the project’s completion. Given the significance of an effective project action plan, this YouTube video on the Adriana Girdler channel provides a few pointers to help you construct one for yourself using the Excel software.

Tips to create an effective project action plan

Adriana’s first tip emphasizes the need of being precise while writing headers. According to her, headings significantly impact the layout of your project action plan on the excel sheet. She gives a template by listing “action item, start date, end date, duration, progress%, responsibility, and comments” as significant headers to consider including in the sheet. Second, she recommends paying attention to column sizing since the clearer you can read the strategy from the sheet, the better others will understand it. As a result, correct spacing is critical. She then demonstrates how each column in the sheet may be formatted according to the user’s preferences.

Personalizing sheets according to the needs of the team makes it easy for everyone to grasp at a single glance. She proposes that you use suitable borders and layouts for each column as you see fit. Following a single general structure, she claims, aids in making the sheet seem neat. Otherwise, the sheet appears to be a little sloppy and tough for everyone to work on. One of the most important formatting suggestions she offers is to remember to wrap the text for each column. It allows readers to view the written material immediately instead of having to click on each and every column separately to obtain a clear picture of the entire content. Finally, she proposes that you rename the sheet and give each of them their own name if there is more than one existing sheet in the work.


A project action plan is essential for both project managers and the management team. The preceding are a few critical and really valuable tips to construct an effective project action plan for oneself.

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