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Executive MBA Salary and Scope in India

An executive MBA can drastically change your career. It allows you to make a leap in your professional journey by giving you the tools to transition into a better leader, manager, and overall executive. It also gives you the know-how you need to take on more responsibility, the skills to implement more strategic and innovative solutions, the insight to improve your decision-making capabilities, and the value to command a higher salary.

The average executive MBA salary commanded is between ₹9 to 15 lakhs annually according to a recent update on

The salary you command will depend on a number of variants. It depends on the business school you attend, the industry you’re in and whether you switch industries, and various other aspects. While you can not really compare your salary to another’s, the fact that you have an executive MBA degree means that you have taken a few giant leaps ahead in your own career trajectory.

You can get a salary hike of 60-70% with an executive MBA, according to a post from November, 2018 on the bml-blog.

Completing an executive MBA gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your salary because of many reasons. Primarily, the program expands your knowledge base and skill set in order to ready you for roles and responsibilities that would have otherwise taken you a few years to achieve organically. It also increases and widens your professional network making you more adept at your job. While the executive MBA gives you the necessary skills and know-how, it also widens your perspectives and view so that you become a more adaptive and innovative executive.

As a graduate of an executive MBA program, you can get a promising job at multinational companies, in the banking industry, at industrial houses, in branding and marketing companies, at financial organizations, and more. The options are limitless. Executive MBAs give you the tools to excel in any industry, which is why an executive MBA salary can change your career. You can find a position as a manager, director, senior executive, senior consultant, etc.

With a considerable hike in salary and position, and professional growth, the executive MBA is well worth the investment of time, money, and effort.

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