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Understanding Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

The capacity to meet the demands of current generations without jeopardizing the needs of future generations while maintaining a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being is referred to as sustainability. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, refers to the establishment of a service provider in the world with the goal of fixing a common problem in people’s daily lives. Nonetheless, both sustainability and entrepreneurship have one similar belief: to effect positive change in the world. As a result, in this GW-CIBER Podcast episode, Levent Erkan, founder of WEglobal, addresses why making a positive impact in the world is critical for understanding sustainability and entrepreneurship

When addressing entrepreneurship, Levent recommends that if you feel you have an idea that can be executed internationally, you must focus on it, create a strong strategy, adhere to it, and be disciplined. He also says that if you believe your concept has the potential to be executed internationally, you must have global connections, global collaborators, and maybe even global investors. However, he says that getting out of that local context and becoming worldwide is difficult. Later in the episode, Levent discusses sustainable development goals and ESG, claiming that the two are closely linked. He also supports a mindset in which the entrepreneur considers the product they create to be one that everyone deserves. He also says that altering the mentality of students is the first step in growing a country or region. According to him, the world now being able to operate remotely has also benefited both sustainability and entrepreneurship, since virtually anybody may now seek to make a difference in the world from anywhere. He advises being confident in oneself, one’s talents, and one’s initiatives while speaking up about bringing about constructive change in the world. Furthermore, he says that if you want to be a global person, you need to first develop your language skills and then your organizational abilities in order to comprehend the culture, understand cultural differences, and then do what you’re excellent at. Finally, Levent concludes the episode by stating that self-motivation, self-discipline, persistence, sustainability, self-motivation, and discipline, along with some optimism, are essential for improving yourself and making a difference in the world. 

Sustainability and entrepreneurship are closely connected, and only by addressing both simultaneously will the world be improved. The preceding is some advice from Levent Erkan on the subject.

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