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3 Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Prof. Ayelet Fishbach discusses how to achieve your goals through gamification. This can be broken down into 3 strategies. Setting and achieving goals can be tedious and difficult, so gamifying goals is a great way to help achieve them. Prof. Fishbach explains three strategies to go about this.

The first strategy to achieve your goals is to make-it-fun. This includes associating immediate incentives while engaging in the activity. This means making the activity fun while doing it rather than a delayed reward. So, rather than a reward at the end of the week, include the reward while completing the task. The second strategy is to find a fun way to complete that activity or task. Which means you should find a method that you enjoy in order to keep doing it. And, the third strategy to achieve your goals is to recognize the inherent fun the task holds for you. This could either be something you enjoy about the task at hand, or to focus on the benefits of that task to motivate you.

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