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UCLA EBLP – Entrepreneurial Business Leadership Program will help you learn how to identify opportunities, develop business models, refine business strategy, lead and build entrepreneurial teams and scale up ventures.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a working professional in business leadership role, marketing, product development, sales, or are simply a professional with innovative ideas and seeking tools and frameworks to create business value and new ventures, this program will be beneficial to you.


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DEC 2019 – FEB 2020

100 HOURS (6 – 8 HOURS/WEEK)

3 Months

USD 3,000


The concepts, tools, and frameworks covered in the program will enable participants to:

  • Create and identify new business opportunities within organizations as well as standalone ventures
  • Lead a high growth team and create an entrepreneurial organization.
  • Discover and understand market needs and build compelling value propositions
  • Develop solid business plans with a keen understanding of underlying assumptions, risks and resource requirements
  • Scale new ventures to become large-scale global businesses
  • Navigate the different financial structures and align fund-raising with business model


EBLP will have following live online sessions:

  • 3 month program, 100+ hours to complete requirements
  • 6 modules that form the core of the program
  • 80 hours of on-demand, HD lectures with insights from renowned UCLA Faculty
  • 12 hours of live Professor interactions spread over 6 interactions during the program
  • Assignments and quizzes to help you assess your progress



Early Professionals and Recent Graduates
See what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and determine whether starting a business, or working for a startup, is the right path for you.


Corporate and Domain Leaders
Develop a strong environment of entrepreneurial leadership within your organization. We encourage teams of intrapreneurs to attend the program together to build on learnings and scale up efforts faster.


Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Gain an impactful toolset to guide your decisions, evaluate opportunities, lead your startup, and create the right financial foundation for your venture.


Working Professionals and Senior Executives
Prepare to launch and scale new businesses, products and offerings. Improve your capacity to formulate and implement innovative strategies and take entrepreneurial decisions.


UCLA EBLP - Curriculum Video Lectures icon

70 Video Lectures

UCLA EBLP - Live Sessions

6 Live sessions with UCLA faculty

UCLA EBLP - Assignmnets

24 Assignments

UCLA EBLP - Assignmnets

30 Quizzes

Understanding Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Key Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
  • Five Questions to Ask before becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial Ideation
  • Entrepreneurial Attributes
  • The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship
  • Impact of Open Source on Business and Social Good
Recognizing Opportunity for Pursuing Entrepreneurship
  • Spotting the Opportunity
  • Understadning Opportunity Sets
  • Identifying the Window of Opportunity
  • The Three Pieces of Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity Recognition as Pattern Recognition
Evaluating Opportunity for Pursuing Entrepreneurship
  • Understanding Single Market Equilibrium
  • Developing Criteria for Opportunity Evaluation
  • Developing a Market Profile of the Opportunity
  • Business Idea & Opportunity Evaluation
  • Six Proven Methods to Evaluate a Business Opportunity
  • Opportunity Discovery and Evaluation Process
The Lean Start Up Framework for Entrepreneurs
  • Understanding the Lean Start Up Principles
  • Business Model Development with Lean Startup
  • Lean Startups – a live discussion with Eric Ries and Dave McClure
  • Why The Lean Start-Up Changes Everything
  • Understanding the Business Models Landscape
  • The Case for The Fat Start-Up

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Entreprenurial Strategy

Evaluating Personal Fit with Entreprenurial Venture
  • What Can Go Wrong?
  • The Role and Importance of Entreprenurial Ecosystems
  • Five Approaches to pursuing Entrepreneurship
  • Why be an Entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Challenges in Growing a Business
  • 5 Myths about Entrepreneurs
  • Asking the Right Question
  • Top 10 Challenges You'll Face as a New Entrepreneur
The Process of Building an Entrepreneurial Venture
  • Entrepreneurship is a Process, Not a Person
  • Generating, Evaluating and Selecting Ideas
  • Key Initial Steps to Form an Enterprise
  • On Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Starting a Business: The Idea Phase
  • 10 Steps to Starting a Business
  • 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business
Understanding and Managing Entrepreneurial Risks
  • Understanding the Different Kinds of Risks
  • Market and Competitive Risk
  • Financial and Management Risk
  • Risk in Entrepreneurship
  • The Real Risks of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs Are 'Calculated' Risk Takers
  • How to Sink a Start-Up
Business Plan Development
  • Anatomy, Purpose and Process of Business Plan
  • Business Plan Development - Strategy and Revenue Generation
  • Business Plan Development - Operations and Financial Presentation
  • Overall Purpose of a Business Plan
  • What is a Business Plan?
  • Core Elements of a Business Plan

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Identification and evaluation of opportunity

Rapid Prototyping, MVP and go to market plan (fail fast to succeed)

Funding a New Venture
  • Overview of Very Early Stage Funding Mechanisms
  • Not-So-Early-Stage Funding: Approaching Strangers
  • Bringing in and Managing Early Investors
  • Boostrapping Business Start-Ups
  • Crowdfunding of Small Entrepreneurial Ventures
Raising Venture Capital
  • Venture Capital as a source of Funds
  • The VC Fundraising Process
  • Improve Your Chances of Raising Money from VC
  • Angles, VCs, or the Crowd: Who Should Fund Your Startup?
  • Why 99.95% Of Entrepreneurs Should Stop Wasting Time Seeking Venture Capital
  • Steve Case: 'The Team You Build Will Define the Company You Build'
  • Six Tips for Overcoming a 'No' When Seeking Funding
Driving Organizational Growth in a New Venture
  • Understanding the Five Phases of Organizational Growth
  • Focus on Culture to Ensure Sustainable Growth
  • Defining Innovation in the Context of Venture
  • Managing Five Phases of Growth
  • Startup - Key Stages of Growth
  • Challenges of Growing a Business
  • How to Sink a Start-Up
Managing Innovation in a Venture
  • Understanding the Types of Innovation in Entreprenurial Ventures
  • Disruptive Innovation and its Application to Ventures
  • Disruptive Innovation for Social Change
  • Disruptive Genius

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Growth Hacking - driving rapid growth and adoption

Operations Management and Business Process Improvement
  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • What is Business Process?
  • Basic Definitions and an Illustrative Example
  • Introduction to Business Process Improvement
  • Unblocking Bottlenecks
  • How to Manage Bottlenecks in Operations Management
Operations Management - Modeling, Analyzing and Optimizing Processes
  • Process Analysis of the Illustrative Example
  • Improvement Mechanims on Illustrative Example
  • Framework for Process Ananlysis
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Handbook for Basic Process Improvement
  • Business Proess Management - A Comprehensive Survey
Operations Management - Variability
  • Fundamentals of Managing the Impact of Variability
  • How Variability Affects the Process
  • How Variability Affects Operations and How to Reduce Variability
  • Minding Manufacturing Peeves and Queues
  • Secrets to Variability Reduction
  • Analysis & Control of Variation
Operations Management - Managing Lead Times
  • Managing the Impact of Variability on Lead Times
  • Managing Lead Times in Processes
  • Action Planning for Effective Operations Management
  • Manufacturing Lead Time - What is it?
  • Manufacturing Critical-path Time - A Measure of True Lead Time
  • Lead Time Reduction Methods

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Building and running a lean startup

Building Great Organizational Culture
  • What is Culture?
  • Characteristics of High Performance Organizational Culture
  • What Can We Do About Organizational Culture?
  • Defining Organizational Culture
  • Relationship between Organizational Culture, Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction
  • Five Structures That Shaped Zappos' Culture
Building High Performing Teams
  • Defining “Team”in Organizations
  • Selecting the Right People
  • Managing Team Performance
  • Team Tools for Delivering High Performance
  • Characteristics of a High Performance Team
  • Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Employee for New Small Business Owners
  • How to Hire the Right People
  • Four Basic Steps to Hire the Right Person
  • Three Success Factors that Define High Performance Teams
Decision Making for High Performing Organization
  • Introduction to Decision Biases and Heuristics
  • Correcting for Biases: WRAP Process
  • The Process of Organization and Management
  • Identify and Define the Problem
  • Business Decision- Making Welcomes Science
  • Three Effective Methods for Making Better Decisions
Managing Change within Organization
  • Organizational Change - A Strategic Model for Change
  • Understanding Change Management
  • Managers' Focus on Communication, Training , Monitoring and Counseling Workforce
  • Did You Know? - The Sequel

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Driving Growth via Capital Investments
  • Using a Pro Forma to Evaluate Opportunities
  • Calculating Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return
  • Subtleties in Evaluating a Potential Investment
  • Pro Forma Income Statement
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • Financial Modeling and Pro Forma Analysis
  • How to Calculate a Five-Year Pro Forma
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Present Value (PV)
Managing Capital and Cash Flows
  • The Importance of Cash Flow
  • Managing Accounts Receivable and Collections
  • Credit Policy Implementation and Using Trade Credit
  • How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow
  • Manage Your Cash Flow
  • A Guide To Business - Cash Flow Management
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Credit
Leading Corporate Business Development
  • Corporate Business Development in Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • The Case of Apple iTunes/iPod
  • Google: What’s Distinctive about Semi-Organic Growth?
  • Driving Organic Growth
  • Effective Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Designing for Growth - Apple Does it, So Can You
  • What Do Google's Acquisitions Reveal About the Company's Strategy?
  • Charting Google's Acquisitions Across Google's History
Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation
  • Entrepreneurship - Bringing It All Together
  • Entrepreneurship - Breaking the Myths
  • Self Awareness: The Secret Ingredient for Success
  • Generating Initial Ideas for New Venture Opportunities

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Financing the startup and fundraising


  • UCLA EBLP: Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.: Senior Associate Dean
    Interim Dean, UCLA Anderson. Founder, Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • UCLA EBLP: Jeff Scheinrock: Management and Organizations
    Faculty Director, Applied Management Research Program
  • UCLA EBLP: George Geis: Accounting
    Adjunct Professor and Faculty Director of Anderson’s Mergers and Acquisitions Executive program
  • UCLA EBLP: Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
    Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
  • UCLA EBLP: Kumar Rajaram: Operations
    Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management; Ho-Su Wu Chair in Management
  • UCLA EBLP: Corinne Bendersky: Management and Organizations
    Associate Professor of Management and Organizations


For over 100 years, UCLA has been a pioneer, persevering through impossibility, turning the future into attainable. We doubt the critics, reject the status quo and see opportunity in dissatisfaction. Our campus, faculty and students are driven by optimism. It is what enables us to push forward and redefine what’s possible.

This can-do perspective has brought us 13 Nobel Prizes, 12 MacArthur Fellows, more NCAA titles than any university and more Olympic medals than most nations. Our faculty and alumni helped create the Internet and more than 140 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA.

UCLA has more than 40 years of expertise in entrepreneurial research and education, now housed in the UCLA Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It brings unique insights into action through applied research and its focus on and support to the entrepreneurial organizations.



Diversity of Recruiters
(The Economist, 2015)


Best Classroom Experience
(The Princeton Review, 2013)


Global Executive MBA
(QS Global, 2017)


Top MBAs for Entrepreneurship
(Financial Times, 2016)


Our application is online. All applicants must be proficient in English. Admissions are on a rolling basis with decisions sent within one to two weeks.

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