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Digital Business Leadership Program | UCLA Anderson | Executive Education


Today, every industry is getting transformed and constraints are getting redefined with application of digital technologies. Organizations now expect leaders and executives to be prepared for the future with knowledge of new age business models, strategies, best practices, and their impact across business domains to remain relevant and competitive.

UCLA Digital Business Leadership Program (UCLA DBLP) will help you build conceptual understanding of the current business landscape and learn how to adopt and evolve new business models, formulate winning strategies and rapidly innovate to counter disruptive threats. The program will help you develop the ability to leverage data and to lead high-performance industry-leading organizations.






100 hours (6 – 8 Hours/week)


4 Months





The concepts, tools, and frameworks covered in the program will enable participants to:

  • Develop your capabilities and strengths to become an effective leaders
  • Examine business models and identify ways to incorporate key principles and innovative business strategies into new or existing business models
  • Manage marketing and brand building for digital-native customers that delivers business benefits
  • Effectively measure digital outcomes and demonstrate the benefits to leadership
  • Identify transformative principles and identify and develop ways to implement them in your own context
  • Drive rapid innovation and design-led business decision making to counter disruptive threats and harness new opportunities
  • Lead digital transformation in your respective companies
  • Develop a review of how transformational technologies could fit into a business of your choice
  • Leverage Data and Analytics to drive business growth and achieve business objectives
  • Build a collaborative and high performance internal culture
  • Collaborate, motivate, influence, and build high performance teams for today’s industries



UCLA Digital Business Leadership Program will have the following program structure:

  • 4-month program, 100+ hours to complete requirements
  • 5 modules that form the core of the program
  • 80 hours of on-demand, HD lectures with insights from renowned UCLA Faculty
  • 9 hours of live webinars spread over 6 interactive sessions with professors during the program.
  • Assignments and quizzes to help you assess your progress




Working Professionals and Senior Executives
Adapt to the demands of managing people and forming collaborations in a fast-changing digital world. Develop your capacity to drive rapid innovation and create high performance future-ready teams. Prepare to create and scale new products and services.


Corporate and Domain Leaders
Prepare to take on larger digital leadership roles and drive the agenda for digital transformation at your organization. Develop a strong environment of digital first within your organization and create innovative business models and strategies.


Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Gain an impactful toolset to analyze traditional business strategy models and enhance them in light of evolving disruptive threats and new opportunities with a digital first mindset.


Early Professionals and Recent Graduates
Learn what it takes to succeed in the Digital Landscape. Showcase your commitment to a future-focused approach to business in the form of a certificate of completion from the UCLA Anderson School of Management – one of the world’s leading business schools.



UCLA DBLP - Curriculum Video Lectures icon

58 Video Lectures

UCLA DBLP - Live Sessions

6 Live sessions with UCLA faculty

UCLA DBLP - Assignmnets

24 Assignments

UCLA DBLP - Assignmnets

30 Quizzes

Understanding Strategy
  • Understanding Strategy - Art and Science
  • Creating Value
  • Capturing Value
  • Crafting Strategy That Measures Up
  • Porter's Strategy Framework
  • Akbank Case Study
  • Value Proposition
Developing Strategy
  • Industry Attractiveness
  • Strategy Articulation
  • Delivering Value
  • Porter's Five Forces - Strategy Framework
  • Rethinking Strategy for an Age of Digital Disruption
Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to Marketing and Key Frameworks
  • Situation Analysis
  • Marketing Segmentation & Targeting
  • Understanding Marketing - Definitions
  • Understanding Marketing - Frameworks
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Importance of Segmentation & Targeting in Marketing
Branding Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Branding and Distribution Channels
  • Pricing and Promotion
  • Competitive Positioning - Innovation Warehouse
  • Value of Branding
  • Lifestyle Branding - Engagement and the Total Experience
  • Developing a Brand
  • The 4 P's of Effective Marketing
Management and Leadership Principles
  • Defining Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizing and Allocating Resources
  • Top 10 Leadership qualities of a Project Manager
  • Strategic Leadership: The Essential Skills
  • Relationship between Personality and Managerial Performance
  • The Leadership Traits and Skills of Eastern Indian And Afghan Women

Drastic Publishing

Strategy: Competitive Advantage
  • Defining Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Capabilities
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Porter's Startegy Frameworks
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Strategies for Building Competitive Advantage
  • Human Resources Innovation for Competitive Advantage - Insights from Australia
Strategy: Competitive Dynamics
  • Introduction to Game Theory
  • Simultaneous Games
  • Applications of Game Theory
  • Game Theory - Prisoner's Dilemma, Dominant Strategy and Nash Equilibrium
  • Game Theory Applications to Oligopoly
  • Nokia's Smartphone Strategy
Technology Strategy
  • Understanding S-Curves
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Understanding Network Effects
  • Diffusion of Innovation Theory: The “S” Curve
  • Navigating and Adopting Change
  • MOOCs: A Disruptive Innovation?
  • Network Effects Explained
Non-Market Strategy
  • Understanding Non-Market Strategy
  • The Role of Media
  • Government's Role in Businesses
  • Strategic Activism and Non Market Strategy
  • The Value of Spreadable Media and Virality
  • Public and Private Strategy


  • Going Global - Considerations
  • Organizaing a Global Company
  • Addressing the Challenges in Global Expansion
  • International Business Expansion
  • Taking Your Business Global (Part 1)
  • Taking Your Business Global (Part 2)
  • Global Marketing Mix - Product and Promotion
  • Global Marketing Mix - Placement
  • Global Marketing Mix - Price
Going from Local to Global
  • Challenges and Issues in Going Global
  • Practicalities and Perspectives for Global Market Entry
  • Capabilities and Competencies of the Global Manager
  • Entering an Emerging Foreign Market
  • Succeed in International Markets
  • The Case of Greek Banks Entering the Albanian Market
The Art of Negotiation
  • Understanding the art of Negotiation
  • Real-World Examples from Negotiations
  • The Psychology of First Offers
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • Basic Negotiating Tips Anyone Can Use
  • Negotiation Tips for Beginners
  • Ten Tips for Negotiating by Ed Brodow
  • Five Things You should Never Say While Negotiating
Global and Cross Cultural Negotiation
  • Building and Managing Positions and Interests
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation
  • Mapping Cultures-Strategies for Effectie Intercutural Negotiations
Developing a Global Branding Strategy
  • Building a Global Brand
  • Conducting thorough Brand Analysis
  • Creating Lasting Brand Ideals
  • Three Steps to Creating Your Branding Message
  • Impactful Branding Strategies
  • Defining a Brand
Implementing a Global Branding Strategy
  • Building a Strong Brand - an Example
  • Brand Building Through the Marketing Mix
  • Developing Successful Brand Extensions
  • Developing Brands and Brand Lines
  • Creating a loved brand by telling a story: Tether
  • The Role of Market Related Variables

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Marrilae as a Future Global Leader

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The Lean Start Up Framework for Entrepreneurs
  • Understanding the Lean Start Up Principles
  • Business Model Development with Lean Startup
  • Lean Startups – a live discussion with Eric Ries and Dave McClure
  • Why The Lean Start-Up Changes Everything
  • Understanding the Business Models Landscape
  • The Case for The Fat Start-Up
Managing Innovation in a Venture
  • Understanding the Types of Innovation in Entreprenurial Ventures
  • Disruptive Innovation and its Application to Ventures
  • Disruptive Innovation for Social Change
  • Disruptive Genius

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Building Great Organizational Culture
  • What is Culture?
  • Characteristics of High Performance Organizational Culture
  • What Can We Do About Organizational Culture?
  • Defining Organizational Culture
  • Relationship between Organizational Culture, Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction
  • Five Structures That Shaped Zappos' Culture
Building High Performing Teams
  • Defining “Team”in Organizations
  • Selecting the Right People
  • Managing Team Performance
  • Team Tools for Delivering High Performance
  • Characteristics of a High Performance Team
  • Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Employee for New Small Business Owners
  • How to Hire the Right People
  • Four Basic Steps to Hire the Right Person
  • Three Success Factors that Define High Performance Teams
Decision Making for High Performing Organization
  • Introduction to Decision Biases and Heuristics
  • Correcting for Biases: WRAP Process
  • The Process of Organization and Management
  • Identify and Define the Problem
  • Business Decision- Making Welcomes Science
  • Three Effective Methods for Making Better Decisions
Managing Change within Organization
  • Organizational Change - A Strategic Model for Change
  • Understanding Change Management
  • Managers' Focus on Communication, Training , Monitoring and Counseling Workforce
  • Did You Know? - The Sequel

Toupeé Tickets

Innovation process Prof. John Blevins
Design Thinking Prof. John Blevins
Digital Transformation Prof. Anand V. Bodapati
Digital Marketing and Advertising - Tools and Techniques Prof. Anand V. Bodapati
Big Data: Science and Analytics Prof. John Blevins, Prof. Felipe Caro
Customer Analytics Prof. Brett Hollenbeck



  • UCLA DBLP: Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.: Senior Associate Dean
    Professor and Faculty Director, Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • UCLA DBLP: SANJAY SOOD: Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making
    Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making
  • UCLA DBLP: Ian Larkin: Strategy
    Assistant Professor of Strategy
  • UCLA DBLP: Corinne Bendersky: Management and Organizations
    Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
  • UCLA DBLP: Miguel Unzueta: Management and Organizations
    Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
  • UCLA DBLP: Felipe Caro: International Management
    Associate Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management
  • UCLA DBLP: Suzzane Shu: Marketing
    Associate Professor of Marketing
  • UCLA DBLP: Gonzalo Freixes: Adjunct Professor of Accounting
    Adjunct Professor of Accounting; Associate Dean, Fully Employed MBA Program
  • UCLA DBLP: Phillip Leslie: Associate Professor of Economics
    Associate Professor of Economics
  • UCLA DBLP: Phillip Leslie: Associate Professor of Economics
    Adjunct Full Professor of Management and Organizations; Chair of UCLA Thailand Executive Committee,
  • UCLA DBLP: Phillip Leslie: Associate Professor of Economics
    Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management; Ho-Su Wu Chair in Management
  • UCLA DBLP: Phillip Leslie: Associate Professor of Economics
    Adjunct Professor and Faculty Director of Anderson’s Mergers and Acquisitions Executive program
  • UCLA OMP: Mark J. Garmaise: Professor of Finance. Robert D. Beyer ’83 Term Chair in Management
    Professor of Finance; Robert D. Beyer ’83 Term Chair in Management
  • UCLA OMP: Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
    Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
  • UCLA DBLP: Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
    Associate Professor of Marketing.
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • UCLA PGP PRO: Sebastian Edwards: International Management
    Professor of International Management



For over 100 years, UCLA has been a pioneer, persevering through impossibility, turning the future into attainable. We doubt the critics, reject the status quo and see opportunity in dissatisfaction. Our campus, faculty and students are driven by optimism. It is in our DNA. It is not native; it is essential. It is what enables us to push forward and redefine what’s possible. It pervades our focus on education, research and service and, in turn, opens limitless opportunities to every student. And it has fueled every accomplishment, allowing us to redefine what’s possible, time after time.

This can-do perspective has brought us 16 Nobel Prizes, 15 MacArthur Fellows, 11 National Medal of Science Winners, 3 Pulitzer Prize Winners, more NCAA titles than any university, and more Olympic medals than most nations. Our faculty and alumni helped create the Internet and pioneered reverse osmosis. And more than 140 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA.




Public University
(U.S. News & World Report, 2023)


Course Design
(FT News, 2022)


Open Enrollment Programs in US
(FT News, 2022)


Best Valued School
(Princeton Review, 2017)


Our application is online. All applicants must be proficient in English. Admissions are on a rolling basis with decisions sent within one to two weeks.

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