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of industry professionals say that they plan to use AI simulations, such as digital twins.
(Source: PwC 2022 AI Business Survey)


of companies think AI can help overcome labor market challenges.
(Source: PwC 2022 AI Business Survey)


of leaders said that their employees believe that working with AI technologies will enhance their performance and job satisfaction.
(Source: State of AI in the Enterprise Fifth Edition 2022)

Leading global organizations need business and technology leaders who can confidently navigate the fast evolving landscape in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with a strategic perspective and ensure success through business applications. Knowledge and skills in application of AI and ML can help drive business growth, secure competitive advantage and ensure continued career progression.

The “AI and ML: Leading Business Growth” program by MIT Professional Education will arm you with the knowledge, tools, and best practices needed to lead strategic initiatives aimed at leveraging cutting-edge AI and ML to drive innovation, efficiency and business growth.

Key Benefits


You will become a member of the MIT Professional Education alumni network and join the exclusive MIT PE LinkedIn group.

Global Leaders

Become a part of a cohort of global leaders and practitioners in the field of AI and ML.


Enjoy One-year digital subscription to MIT Horizon.

MIT key benefits - 2

Access updates on faculty research, new programs, and MIT initiatives via our communications.


Access MIT Professional Education sponsored events, webinars, and networking opportunities.


Enjoy fifteen percent (15%) discount on enrollment in future MIT Professional Education offerings (Short duration open enrollment programs of 5 days or less and online courses).


Through this AI and ML program, MIT Professional Education provides a tailored world-class educational experience for professionals from around the globe looking to advance their careers and creatively address complex problems.

MIT faculty will guide you to understand the current and future capabilities of this transformative technology, in order to effectively unlock its potential within business. You will also have the opportunity to design a roadmap for a real-world business case – tailored for your own industry. At the end of the program, you will be better prepared for immediate and practical business action.

The program does not require coding in python or R or any such language. However, it requires the ability to be agile with data. Participants are strongly encouraged to think about the strategic use cases that they would like to address. Above all, a positive attitude and curiosity to learn is of utmost importance.

Live Online Sessions

Live Virtual Lectures

Interactive sessions with renowned MIT faculty.

Voice Of AI Practitioner

Practitioner Insights

Leading AI and ML practitioners will share first-hand experiences and lessons learned in the application of AI and ML in business.

In-Class Exercises

In-Class Exercises

Highlight key concepts discussed in the sessions.

Team Projects

Team Projects

Focused on the strategic roadmap for an AI product or service for application-oriented learning.

No Coding Required

No Coding Required

Hands-on learning experience with a “no code” approach.

Outstanding Peer Group

Outstanding Peer Group

Diverse group of like-minded professionals that will elevate the learning environment and create lasting professional relationships.

Designed For Busy Executives

Designed for Busy Executives

Managed learning journey of 4-6 hours/week.

Polls And Reading Assignments

Polls and Reading Assignments

Live sessions, assigned knowledge quizzes, and class projects enable students to gain broad and in-depth knowledge.

Program will help you build expertise by leveraging best in class No-Code AI and ML platforms such as:


The program curriculum is uniquely designed to transform high-achieving professionals into strategic leaders with the skills and insights to transform their businesses and industries with the power of AI and ML. The program curriculum focuses on the application of key concepts and frameworks in the context of industry and business to give you a definitive competitive advantage.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the systemic aspects and practical application of AI and ML as you dive deeper into six main building blocks to develop transformational AI and ML capabilities.

  • 1

    database of resumesCreating a Strategic Vision and Roadmap

  • 2

    database of resumesTransforming Data into Information

  • 3

    database of resumesIdentifying the Right Computing and Infrastructure Frameworks for the Context

  • 4

    database of resumesApplying Algorithms – Turning Information to Knowledge

  • 5

    database of resumesHuman-Machine Teaming – Turning the Knowledge into Insights

  • 6



  • AI Background and System Architecture Overview
  • AI Strategic Vision and Implementation Roadmap
  • Understanding Data, Conditioning, and Preparing Data
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Strategic Applications
  • Implementing Machine Learning in a Business – Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating and Constraints
  • Predictive Analysis and Decision Systems
  • Modern Computing Frameworks
  • Human-Machine Teaming
  • Building and Deploying Robust AI Capabilities
  • Communicating Value and Managing Stakeholders
  • Challenges and Future of AI and ML


Upon the completion of the program, you will receive the AI and ML: Leading Business Growth certificate from MIT Professional Education.

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All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the University.


MIT Professional Education program has collaborated with Northwest Executive Education to build AI AND ML: LEADING BUSINESS GROWTH into a significant learning experience for participants.

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