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December, 2019 – May, 2020
Program Fee : USD 28,000

The MIT Technology Leadership Program (MIT TLP) is an intensive, multi-modular program. Global technology leaders and practitioners will learn to lead transformational growth by developing an understanding of exponential and digital technologies and innovations, and how to apply prevalent best practices within their organizations, sectors, and industries.

Organizations across all industries are rapidly exploring and adopting digital technologies to adapt and remain competitive. Traditional business models and processes are being redefined by the application of transformational digital technologies in managing or driving disruption. Exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Internet Of Things, Blockchain, Data Analytics etc. are changing the constraints on business growth for organizations. And this is creating a new set of challenges and opportunities for global leaders in the second machine age.

Leaders need to develop the required capabilities to harness these new technologies in the context of their business, to create new opportunities and drive growth. The next generation of global leaders must know how to lead their organizations in understanding, embracing and deploying the appropriate innovations at scale to survive and thrive. MIT TLP aims to develop these leaders, and support organizations and industries in their journey through the fourth industrial revolution.


As a graduate of the MIT TLP, you will be a part of an amazing cohort of global leaders. You will also become an integral part of the global MIT Professional Education network and are considered alumni of the MIT TLP Program as well as MIT Professional Education. You also receive the benefits listed below:

  • Inclusion in the MIT Professional Education Alumni network and ability to join the global MIT Professional Alumni LinkedIn Group
  • MIT Professional email forwarding address
  • Access and invitations to exclusive MIT Professional Education sponsored reunions, conferences and seminars
  • Fifteen percent (15%) discount on enrollment in future MIT Professional Education offerings (short duration programs of 5 days or less and online programs)
  • Ability to join the local MIT Engineering alumni chapters or clubs in a specific region
  • Access to the Library and other MIT database services while on campus
  • One-year digital subscription to MIT Technology Review
  • MIT Professional Alumni e-newsletter;




Top University
(QS, 2012 – 2019)


Best Engineering Schools
(U.S. News, 2019)


Computer Science and Information Systems
(QS, 2019)


Best University for Graduate Jobs
(U.S.News, 2019)


MIT’s teaching and research are relevant to the practical world, and help solve problems that are meaningful to society. To that end, we seek the best possible community of scholars who will contribute to MIT and the world.

MIT believes the best education occurs when participants are self-motivated and engaged in a dynamic community of learners. We combine rigorous academics with a learning-by-doing approach.

MIT education has always been based on certain guiding principles. These include:

  • A broad and strong foundation in core fields of human knowledge
  • A deep and skilful training in a particular area of expertise
  • A practical orientation toward solving real-world problems


The program is designed for technology leaders and experienced practitioners from large corporations as well as startups – innovation-oriented firms who are focused on leveraging emerging digital technologies to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. These individuals are highly aspirational and have a keen desire to create new opportunities and shape the future of their organizations and industries by harnessing these transformational technologies.

We welcome applications from participants with significant experience and demonstrated career progression and success across levels, including

    • C-level positions including CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, Chief Architects, etc.
    • Head of Engineering, Head of Technology.
    • Leaders with a focus on evolving their organisation’s technology management and growth to meet future needs.
    • Engineering managers, Product managers and team leaders with significant team size and budget responsibility.
    • Senior functional managers and delivery heads with significant team size and budget responsibility.
    • Individuals with outstanding technical careers and leadership roles in a variety of settings.
  • A strong drive to succeed and aspirations for reaching beyond the obvious career milestones.
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt, learn and apply new knowledge in varied situations.
  • A minimum of 6+ years of work experience in functional, technical, or business roles.
  • A graduate degree with a strong academic track record.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.



We provide a tailored world-class educational experience at MIT TLP for professionals from around the globe who are looking to advance their careers and creatively address complex problems.

MIT faculty members offer the opportunity for a profound learning experience and provide considerable knowledge and technical expertise to professionals who are eager to boost their context-specific knowledge, or develop new areas of expertise. They are mentors and collaborators looking to help participants solve the world’s problems through emerging technology and advanced leadership.

MIT Professional Education’s programs cover cutting edge areas such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Big data, and Internet of Things. Thousands of professionals from 120 countries have benefited from applying knowledge gained from our on-campus, international, online, and custom programs.



MIT faculty lead and teach MIT TLP. Whether a rock star or a rising star, our faculty prefer first names and, most of the time, jeans. For our faculty, the most important thing at MIT is not credentials or citations, but what world-changing thing you’re working on.

They come to teach, to do research, and to bring their knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest problems. The challenges they seek to solve, from cybersecurity to fusion energy to Alzheimer’s, require more than apps. Our faculty members have won almost every major research and teaching award you can think of, and they are prolific inventors and originators of commercial enterprises.

MIT TLP Faculty Director

David Niño
Faculty Director, MIT TLP
Senior Lecturer in the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Prof. David Niño is a Senior Lecturer in the Bernard M. Gordon – MIT Engineering Leadership Program, where he heads leadership education for graduate students across the Institute. He is strongly committed to the development of leadership among engineers and other professionals in technology and is active in an international consortium of engineering leadership centers. He is also a founding officer of the Engineering Leadership Development Division of the American Society of Engineering Education.

Prior to MIT, Dr. Niño was a faculty member in the schools of engineering and business at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He was director of Rice’s university-wide program in leadership development and later played a leading role in designing and establishing the university’s first four-year academic certificate in engineering leadership. He also organized a premier international conference on engineering leadership, which garnered participation from the President of the National Academy of Engineering, 28 universities, and leading engineering companies such as Boeing, NASA, and Shell.

Program faculty may include:

  • Erdin Beshimov - MIT TLP Faculty
    Founder and Director, MIT Bootcamps
  • Tony Eng - MIT TLP Faculty
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Reza Rahaman - MIT TLP Faculty
    Industry Co-Director and Senior Lecturer
  • John Williams - MIT TLP Faculty
    Professor, Information Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Systems Director
  • Abel Sanchez - MIT TLP Faculty
    Executive Director, Research Scientist, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity
  • Sanjay Sarma - MIT TLP Faculty
    Dean, Digital Learning
  • Matthew Kressy - MIT TLP Faculty
    Founding Director, MIT Integrated Design & Management (IDM)
  • Ben Waber - MIT TLP Faculty
    President and CEO, Humanyze; Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab
  • Justin Solomon - MIT TLP Faculty
    Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Suvrit Sra - MIT TLP Faculty
    Principal Research Scientist, Information and Decision Systems
  • Phillip Isola - MIT TLP Faculty
    Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • John Hart - MIT TLP Faculty
    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Mitsui Career Development Professor,
    Contemporary Technology
  • Markus Buehler - MIT TLP Faculty
    Professor and Head of Department, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jennifer Rupp - MIT TLP Faculty
    Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Stephanie Jegelka - MIT TLP Faculty
    X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Bernhardt Trout - MIT TLP Faculty
    Professor, Chemical Engineering; Director, Novartis-MIT Center


Today, in the fourth industrial revolution, traditional business models are being transformed, disrupted or replaced by the spread of exponential technologies and their application in all walks of life, be it supply chain, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, travel, healthcare, or finance.

MIT TLP, in its multi-modular program format, is designed to expose participants to the most important and leading exponential technologies, the leading MIT faculty, latest research, frameworks, best practices and immerse them in the MIT ecosystem. The participants will learn the skills they need to lead the charge at their organizations to drive growth, evolve business models, craft strategies to counter disruptive threats and build innovative solutions leveraging exponential digital technologies.

The TLP is a blend of on-campus learning, live online interactions with faculty and a capstone project, that requires the application of your learning to solve a real problem that you are facing at work. The on-campus modules include immersive sessions at MIT’s campus in Cambridge, where the focus will be on the current landscape of exponential technologies, best practices, frameworks and strategic real-world application of digital technologies to business models. You will experience the MIT innovation ecosystem in Cambridge and across the world and a thorough exploration of key technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and other emerging exponential technologies.

The learning will continue during the off-campus modules where you will continue to work on your capstone project and interact with MIT faculty to learn more about several other key areas such as Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Big Data, etc. through sessions. The off-campus modules also provide you with the opportunity to apply the learnings at your workplace, ensuring that you leverage the program for driving outcomes at work to accelerate your professional growth as you continue to learn.

  • Ready yourself for the academic environment and build a common language
  • Read and formulate your thoughts on the case studies, articles, and preparation questions
  • Technology leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • New business models in technology and technology driven industry.
  • Automation and Robotics and its impact on manufacturing and old economy industries
  • Innovations in Fin-Tech and how it is changing the world of global finance
  • Sensors/3D Printing
  • Modern breakthrough technologies and their impact on Healthcare
  • Introduction to capstone project
  • Live online sessions with MIT Faculty are scheduled to discuss the latest thinking, case study, research or a topic of contextual importance. Such topics could include:
    • Blockchain and its application in business including cryptocurrency and other areas
    • Cybersecurity – Implications and best practices as more of the world’s information and computing becomes connected.
  • Directed project work and feedback
  • Driving and managing creativity; Developing creative cultures
  • Innovation and Design
  • Designing with technologies
    • Internet Of Things
    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality.
  • Leveraging Big data and Data analytics to innovate and design for the customer.
  • Project discussion and key takeaways.
  • Live online sessions with MIT Faculty are scheduled to discuss the latest thinking, case study, research or a topic of contextual importance. Such topics could include:
    • Simulations on Big Data and Data Science
    • Visualization and Analytics use cases in different industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Capstone project work
  • Preparation for next module focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Latest breakthroughs in research, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices for building effective AI-systems
  • Challenges posed by AI in the workplace and how it impacts leadership
  • Ethics and privacy for AI driven world
  • Emerging opportunities and risks in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Capstone project conclusion


The program embodies the MIT motto of “Mens et Manus” — Mind and Hand — the belief that academic knowledge must also be accompanied by practical application. You will work on a capstone project over the entire duration of the program. It is a unique opportunity for collaborative learning and applying the knowledge of technologies, frameworks and best-practices to real-world problems. You will receive valuable feedback from faculty and peers, which will help you push the boundaries of personal and professional growth. This experience is designed to help you develop global perspective on relevant problems and enable you to design and build solutions embedded in and with key exponential technologies.


Apart from exploration of applications of key exponential technologies and enriching insights from faculty, you will experience key technologies of future in action within MIT (e.g. at MIT Media Labs) and through interactions with innovators from MIT Alumni founded startups.


As a participant in MIT TLP, you will benefit from developing actionable insights about the capabilities, best-practices, applications, trends and implications of exponential technologies that are already transforming the business landscape and shaping our future. As part of the program, you will:

  Learn essential concepts and skills needed to develop cutting-edge, industry-relevant AI and Machine Learning systems and understand the challenges posed by AI in the workplace.

 Understand the potential and applications of transformative technologies such as blockchain, IoT, VR, AR, and cybersecurity as well as the implications on business models and strategies.

  Develop a keen understanding of the implications of big data, and how to leverage it.

  Identify the most important applications of exponential technologies for your own context and a set of practices and tools to harness the most value from such applications to transform your organization and industry.

  Develop the ability to think critically about role of technology within competitive strategy framework.

  Recognize the links between creativity—a new or useful idea—and innovation, as well as how to execute and adopt creative ideas.

  Formulate a corporate plan for innovation to incubate, refine, and grow a portfolio of innovative new businesses and products.

  Lead the transition to a design-driven innovative culture within your organization.

  Build connections within a highly accomplished peer group as well as get to know MIT Faculty and Alumni who can be advisors, mentors, partners and investors in your transformation journey.


MIT TLP follows a rolling admissions (earlier application, earlier consideration) process and participant applications are evaluated as soon as they are received. The step-by-step process is outline below.

Online Application

You can apply to the program online by submitting a short online application form. We do not accept any paper applications.



Submitted (via upload) in word or PDF format along with application form.


We require two professional references who are ready to discuss your candidacy with us in great detail.


Two essays are required –

  • What are your long term (5-10 years) career aspirations? How will the MIT TLP help you achieve these?
  • How do you plan to use the MIT experience to change the world?

Document Submission

Applicants are required to submit academic documents (degrees, diplomas, and transcripts). This is to facilitate an evaluation of the candidate’s profile and relative positioning vis a vis the rest of the class.


All shortlisted candidates will go through a round of interviews before they are accepted into the program. These interviews may be conducted in person or over the telephone.


Upcoming CohortsApplication RoundDeadline Date
Dec, 2019 – May, 2020Final RoundNov 9, 2019
Feb, 2020 – Dec, 2020Round 1Nov 23, 2019

Please Note:

  • The early application and acceptance round increases your chances of acceptance in the program by 50%
  • Considering the limited seats in the program and first come – first serve admission process, it is always more beneficial for candidates to apply as soon as possible. 
  • Your application can be placed on the waiting list. If you are not offered final admission for the current program, you might be offered a place in the next year’s program. In this case, your application fee will then be considered for the next year’s program. 
  • Application fee is refunded only in the case an applicant is not offered an admission to the program. 


The Program fee for MIT TLP is USD 28,000 inclusive of all taxes. It covers teaching fees, all academic materials, lunches and select dinners. The fee does not include transport expenses (domestic and international), any associated visa fees etc. and accommodation for modules. It also does not cover any other expenses that are not expressly mentioned above.

You are responsible for full payments of fees as per the guidelines (provided upon admission) to ensure that you are part of the program. Typically participants adopt one of the two routes below for paying the program fees.

  • Candidates can pay the entire fee through available funds/ savings
  • There is no difference in terms of payment schedule and requirements, should the candidates fund their own candidacy.
  • Companies can support the internal career advancement of their high potential senior executives by sponsoring them in the program.
  • Companies interested in sponsoring their high potential senior executives and who want to learn more about the program should get in touch with Northwest at to schedule a one-on-one discussion with a program advisor.
  • Candidates must pay the fees directly and claim reimbursement from their employer. Northwest does not accept direct payments from companies at this point in time.



Want to learn more before applying?

Please provide us some information and our program team will help you decide if MIT TLP is the right program for you.

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