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The Soaring Inflation of Today

With the global economy in a state of acute turbulence, the rising inflation is one crucial issue, across borders, that warrants immediate attention. Not only is it necessary to take into consideration the soaring inflation of today while making every significant economic move but it is also absolutely essential to critically analyze every facet related to it. On this episode of the Capitalisn’t podcast, hosts Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean bring on board Chicago Booth’s Raghuram Rajan as the chief speaker.

In order to provide a thorough evaluation of the soaring inflation of today, the article throws light on the phenomenon of mass hysteria that often initiates and even exacerbates soaring inflation, as Rajan aptly points out. The roadmap to combat and mitigate the soaring inflation of today must incorporate the identification of its underlying causes as one of the first steps to duly comprehend and dissect it. As a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India committed to controlling this phenomenon, Rajan recommends that only a cumulative estimate of its outreach coupled with an elaborate understanding of its overall impact will provide the key to unraveling effective measures that can be adopted so as to subsequently control and curb the soaring inflation of today.

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