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5 Top Leadership and Management Courses and Programs

The future scope and success of organizations around the globe is exponentially determined by the decisions and policies adopted by individuals functioning in executive leadership and managerial positions. This makes it imperative for such executive leaders to equip themselves with the altering realities of the global business climate in keeping with the demands of the changing times. While embracing the transforming nuances of business operational mechanisms might come across as a daunting procedure for most, the most potent solution lies in opting for leadership and management courses and programs. They are predominantly curated taking into account the outcomes of years of method-driven research and that of ground-level reality. To aid you in your journey of fulfilling the responsibilities that come with your leadership positions, these programs are designed to help you reformulate your strategic thinking trajectory enabling you to incorporate the necessary tact and innovation that your organization warrants at the moment. The leadership and management programs, created by eminent global business professionals with decades of experience, will cater to your requirements by helping you ameliorate your leadership acumen and enabling you to analyze and optimize opportunities all at the same time. As you evaluate the variegated risks that come in the way and maneuver your enterprise through a plethora of challenges, here is a list of leadership and management programs that have been compiled especially to refine your managerial skills and develop a strong network with the global business community. Check out these programs that will help you in your learning journey to become a better leader and accomplish every milestone for your organization, faster than ever before.

1. The Berkeley Executive Program in Management (Berkeley EPM)

As a business professional, if you are looking to take the plunge and foray into higher leadership roles, this program from Berkeley might just be the one that you are looking for. Curated in order to help you develop your ability to strategically maneuver and effectively negotiate and deliver outcomes even in the most complex of scenarios, this program will aid you in simultaneously developing a strong business acumen as you take up the mantle of leadership in the days to come. The world-renowned faculty and the exposure to network with proficient alumni members are yet other reasons why you should definitely check out this program before you go ahead and make your final pick.

2. Yale Global Executive Leadership Program (Yale GELP)

In order to help your organization survive and thrive if you are looking for a program that will provide you with clarity on the latest business mechanisms and help you optimize every opportunity that might come in the way, this program from Yale School of Management is one that you cannot afford to miss out on at any cost. You will have the opportunity to develop connections with an influential global alumni network and integrate skills to negotiate, lead and effectuate business-driven growth from world-renowned experts, all at the same time, even as you navigate your organization through the uncertainties of the changing times and help boost its efficiency, more so than ever before, in the days to come.

3. Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (UCLA PGPX)

An executive managerial role warrants thorough proficiency and a dynamic acumen to address the plethora of multifaceted challenges that come with it, each of which is catered to by this all-encompassing solution offered by UCLA Anderson School of Management. This program not only arms you with the ability and the apparatus to implement research-driven growth in your organization at large but also lends you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and network with like-minded professionals, to aid you in your journey of putting your organization on the global business map, in the long run.

4. Advanced Management Program

If you are looking for a solution that credibly addresses the requirements of the altering business reality by helping you strategize and operationalize more effectively than ever before, this advanced management program from Wharton might just be the one that you are looking for. Even as you gain clarity on the global business perspective and learn the intricacies of strategically foraying into the domains of marketing, finance, and innovation all at once, this program will help you harness your managerial acumen to lead effectively and deliver optimal solutions, along the way.

5. Leading Through Digital Disruption

As a leader of tomorrow, if you are looking for a program that effectively imparts an understanding of digital disruption and its effect on the global trends and market, this program from Harvard is one that you definitely must check out before making your final call. Even as you learn about the nuances of digital innovations and the ways to effectively implement them and further your organization’s abilities, you will also have the opportunity to network and foster connections with leading business professionals across the globe that you can leverage at crucial junctures in the days to come.


While are indeed effective remedies to address the requirements of the global business reality, however, if as a working professional, you are looking for compact alternatives that might fit into your schedule better, here is a list of 5 top leadership and management courses meant to help you ameliorate your managerial acumen to lead and address the changing demands that come with such leadership positions, on the whole.

  1. Influencing People

As an individual in a key managerial position, one of the predominant requisites is the ability to influence and effectively inspire employees. If you are looking for leadership and management courses that will help you amplify your ability to reach out and inspire your fellow employees, this is an option on Coursera that must feature among your top picks.

2. Ethical Leadership

As a leader of tomorrow, it is essential that you adopt value-based business practices and integrate ethical modes into the operational mechanisms of your organization. This is one of the leadership and management courses from Harvard University that will empower you with an understanding of imbibing ethical business components and enable you to incorporate them within the broader, strategic layout of your organization, all at the same time.

3. Strategic Thinking

If there is one non-negotiable capability that a leadership role uncompromisingly warrants, it is the ability to strategically maneuver an enterprise through every transforming scenario. This is one of the leadership and management courses available on LinkedIn that will help you imbibe the ability to critically think as a leader in a managerial position and come up with business-driven strategic solutions, as and when needed.

4. Remote Work Revolution for Everyone

If as a leader, you are looking for a solution that specifically addresses the challenges and the difficulties arising out of operating a team working from remote spaces, this is one of the leadership and management courses that you must check out to cope with this non-negotiable vocational reality of today.

5. Applications of Everyday Leadership

While theories catering to leadership roles are in abundance, there are very few leadership and management courses that actually delve into the implementation of such leadership exercises. Offered by the University of Illinois, this is an option on Coursera that provides a targeted understanding of the application of leadership practices to resolve issues and optimize opportunities, as and when they come, along the way.

Functioning in key leadership and managerial positions is a task that requires adhering to and addressing a plethora of challenges, on an everyday basis. These top 5 leadership and management courses and programs are meant to arm you with the required credentials and the capability to face and resolve every issue that might come in the way.

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