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Valuable Lessons on Peer Networks and Their Importance

One of the most crucial tasks of a person in the corporate world is to build a strong network wherever and whenever possible. When you need news or opportunities, your network is the best place to look. A strong network not only improves your social and professional standing but may also help you get the opportunities you have always wanted. It is important to note, however, that meeting new people and introducing yourself to them is one thing, but having them at your side is quite another. Let us have a look at what Vontrese Pamphile has to say about peer networks and their importance in this George Talks Business series video from the George Washington University School of Business channel.

The importance of developing peer networks

According to Vontrese, there are some people who work within for-profit corporations who are deeply concerned about social concerns such as racism, community welfare, and the environment. She believes, however, that leadership does not necessarily share the same concerns. According to her, employees who work in CSR, or corporate social responsibility, face a lot of stress. Suggesting some ways to stay committed to social issues when working inside an economically oriented company, she finds that there are peer networks where people can connect with others working in a similar difficult job at another company or even a competitor firm. People can have such deep ties inside their peer networks, she suggests, that can help them boost their job performance.

Vontrese says that having a network might assist you to reduce stress and anxiety from your regular responsibilities. They can assist you in brainstorming ideas for how to resolve the tensions which help you feel motivated. She regards the pandemic as one of the most powerful forces affecting workplace peer networks negatively. According to her, the pandemic increased the demand for a safe haven for emotional discharge, thereby increasing the need for a peer network. Finally, she recommends young people spend as much time as possible networking and creating strong peer networks, as a network, according to her, is something you can considerably rely on when in need.

Peer networks are essential for each employee to succeed and progress in their roles. The aforementioned are some valuable insights on the subject suggested by Vontrese Pamphile in the YouTube video on the George Washington University School of Business channel.

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