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Lessons on Company Values and Authenticity

Some of the finest business counsel comes from someone successful, from someone who has executed a plan and seen the results, or from a mentor who has explored the field in depth. Company values and authenticity are two key characteristics that have a substantial influence on the company’s brand image. Though there may be much guidance accessible on the subjects, real-time lessons on these are unquestionably important and must be taken notes from. As a result, Vontrese Pamphile shares a few important lessons about company values and authenticity in this video from The George Washington University School of Business.

Lessons on Company values and authenticity

Vontrese opens the video by addressing how most firms these days define their fundamental principles only for the purpose of saying them. Their highlighted core company values such as innovation and diversity seem important and are capable enough to make us feel that the business must use healthy practices. However, Vontrese contends that most businesses fail to put their beliefs into action, as seen by what occurs within their organizations. She claims that talking about a value but not putting it into action has a big influence on employees.

She claims that her research, “The (Bounded) Role of Stated-Lived Value Congruence and Authenticity in Employee Evaluations of Firms,” looks at what organizations claim to be their values and what employees experience in the workplace. She also emphasizes that, while it is critical to be authentic about your company values, it is also critical that employees empathize with them. According to her, no matter how genuine you are in following and executing your company’s fundamental principles, they are meaningless to your employees if they do not connect with them. She believes that leaders should only refer to those core principles as company values that they and their staff believe they can execute. Otherwise, this is meaningless for both the organization and the personnel.

Company values have a significant role in shaping a company’s brand image. The above are a few critical recommendations based on Vontrese Pamphile’s work “The (Bounded) Role of Stated-Lived Value Congruence and Authenticity in Employee Evaluations of Organizations,” published in Organization Science journal.

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