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Humans Trust AI too Much

Acclaimed roboticist and educator, Ayanna Howard studied the level of human trust and mistrust in robots and AI and found some curious results. Her studies have deduced why human trust artificial intelligence too much.

She insists on using the term humanized intelligence rather than artificial intelligence because humans create AI systems that are motivated by the human experience. It does not lie outside of that human experience so, she believes humanized intelligence is a more apt term.

She goes on to explain that human reliance on the efficacy and precision of robots is much higher than it should be. She and her team conducted a study to test human decision in a high-risk situation. And unfortunately, humans trust AI too much. While she says it’s interesting and fascinating, it’s also a problem. She also addresses the Tesla accidents as an example. She insists that we have to design distrust into the system to make it more trustworthy.

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